Genre: Thriller Series
Year of Production: 2020
Station: Netflix
Director: Christian Ditter / Tim Trachte

Showrunner: Christian Ditter
Screenplay: Christian Ditter, Miriam Rechel, Tanja Bubbel
DoP: Fabian Rösler
Casting: Daniela Tolkien
VFX: Joachim Grüninger
Editing: Friedemann Schmidt, Sandy Saffeels, Laura Wachauf, Stefan Essl
Production Design: Theresia Anna Ficus
Costume Design: Katja Krannich
Make-Up: Georg Korpás
Light: Stepan Novotny
Sound: Gunnar Voigt

In Season 02 of BIOHACKERS medical student Mia finds out that she was involved in an illegal research project and wasn't even aware of it. Apparently she can't trust her own mind and the people around her anymore. Will Mia manage to put trust in the right people again? And will she stop her powerful enemy?