Genre: Coming-Of-Age Story
Year of Production: 1999
Distribution: Constantin Film, World sales: Beta Cinema
Director: Hans-Christian Schmid

Screenplay: Hans-Christian Schmid and Michael Gutmann
Casting: Nessie Nesslauer
DoP: Sonja Rom
Film editor: Hansjörg Weißbrich
Score/ music: Christoph M. Kaiser
Production design: Ingrid Henn
Costume design: Anke Winckler
Make-up artist: Tatjana Krauskopf
Sound recording: Marc Parisotto

Crazy is about good friends and falling in love, making music and breaking all the rules, longing and loneliness - about growing into adulthood, deciding for yourself and believing that the future will be just fine. 16-year-old Benni is sent by his parents to a boarding school. It's his fifth school, and his parents are praying that he will finally overcome his math deficiency and graduate. For Benni, life isn't about math... it's about dealing with his typical teenage insecurities, which are compounded by the fact that he is partially handicapped. Although Benni doesn't end up learning much about math, he learns a whole lot about life. On the last day of school at the big summer party, Benni's mother tells him that she has found yet another school where math isn't so important. But Benni has no intention of being the new student again. He has other plans.

Robert Stadlober (Benjamin), Tom Schilling (Janosch), Dagmar Manzel (Juliane), Burghart Klaussner (Klaus), Oona-Devi Liebich (Malen), Julia Hummer (Marie), Can Taylanlar (Troy), Christoph Ortmann (Kugli), Joseph Bolz (Dünner Felix), Willy Rachow (Florian), Mira Bartuschek (Paula), Karoline Herfurth (Anna), Germain Wagner (Rektor Herr Richter), Jörg Gudzuhn (Herr Falkenstein), Andreas Schmidt (Ricardo), Nic Romm (Richy), Cornelia de Pablos (Laura), Alexandra Maria Lara (Melanie), Katharina Müller-Elmau (Frau Dr. Westphalen), Irene Kugler (Hilde Bachmann), Maximilian von Pufendorf (Carsten), Franziska Schlattner (Isabelle), Jana Straulino (Mädchen im Zug), Frederic Welter (Schüler 1), Simon Brusis (Schüler 2), Caroline Korneli (Tina), Sophie Hirsch (Miriam)

FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, Filmstiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen, BKM