Year of Production: 1999
Distribution: Telepool GmbH, World sales: BR
Station: Bayerischer Rundfunk / ORF / arte
Director: Matti Geschonneck

Screenplay: Hannah Hollinger
Redaktion: Gabriela Sperl
Casting: Nessie Nesslauer
Director of Photography: Hans Grimmelmann
Editing: Heidi Handorf
Score/ music: Philippe Kayser, Frank Kuruc von “Freundeskreis”
Production Design: Marion A. Schlauss
Costume Design: Katja Pothmann
Make-up Artist: Tatjana Krauskopf, Stephanie Hilke
Sound recording: Philip Ulikowski

Elli Schulze has been been working efficiently as a bank cashier for ten years. She is a generous and big hearted person and tends to look after everyone's needs but her own. After splitting up from her husband, she has to continue paying off the loans they took out. But as much as she juggles with the payments, the debts are too high. Soon, Elli's flat is repossessed. From one day to the next, she's out in the streets. Blumenberg, the sympathetic bailiff, offers to help her but in fact is more interested in her baroque physique. Nor does Elli's sister manage to prevail on her husband to help her. Eventually, Elli finds refuge with Cora, a young homeless woman living in a caravan.

Marianne Sägebrecht (Elli Schulze), Dietmar Bär (Peter Stadler), Tilo Prückner (Herr Blumenberg), Katharina Meinecke (Barbara Häusner), Stephan Kampwirth (Theo Häusner), Burghart Klaußner (Casper Richter), Erika Skrotzki (Isabella),Birgit von Rönn (Heidi), Jule Böwe (Cora), Oliver Nägele (Thomas Schulze), Christel Peters (Frau Rauscher), Michael Schernthaner (Sachbearbeiter), Luise Deschauer (Frau Herrmann), Ilknur Bahadir (Krankenschwester), Peter Rappenglück (Verwalter), Gabi Geist (Verkäuferin), Michael A. Grimm (Beamter), Stefanie Richter (Schuldenberaterin)

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