Genre: Christmas Comedy
Year of Production: 2010
Station: Degeto, Astrid Ruppert / Bayerischer Rundfunk, Stephanie Heckner
Director: Matthias Steurer

Screenplay: Daniel Speck
Casting: Silke Fintelmann
Director of Photography: Helmut Pirnat
Editing: Gisela Zick
Score/ music: Stephan Massimo
Production Design: Andrea Douglas
Costume Design: Andrea Spanier
Make-up Artist: Britta Balcke, Natalie von Brunn
Sound recording: Rainer Plabst

Young Pilot Barbara wants to marry the charming check-in employee Kamal. She brings him into their parent's house to spend the christmas holidays together in the romantic and snowy Bavarian countryside. Her parents Lisbeth and Gottfried are not very amused and show their full scepticism about the young Arab guy who came to Germany in order to become a pilot, as well. Aren't Arabs all archaic pashas who oppress their wives? But Barbara and Kamal belive in their big love.

Robert Atzorn (Gottfried), Gundi Ellert (Lisbeth Hinrichs), Lisa Maria Potthoff (Barbara Hinrichs), Omar El-Saeidi (Kamal Abu Khalil), Sigi Zimmerschied (Pfarrer Josef), Sarah Camp (Franzi), David A. Hamade (Yusuf), Ramin Yazdani (Abu Kamal), Mouna Sabbagh (Um Kamal), Elá Zengin (Amina), Manuel Renken (Bashar), Amina Moussli (Hanan), Onur Ucak (Omar)