Genre: short film
Year of Production: 2004
Distribution: Wold sales: Telepool
Station: Bayerischer Rundfunk, Claudia Gladziejewski
Director: Maggie Peren

Executive producers: Thomas Klimmer, Boris Jendreyko
Screenplay: Maggie Peren
Director of Photography: Christian Rein
Editing: Peter Kirschbaum
Score/ music: Superstrings / Caro Heiss
Production Design: Heike Lange
Costume Design: Caro Sattler
Make-up Artist: Carolina Bellido
Sound recording: Gunnar Voigt

Felix Berthold Bux is a normal adolescent with an abnormal fear to die before his time. His whole life only turns around his fear of death. One day he really gets in touch with death, but differently than he ever thought he would...

Liane Forestieri, Matthias Schweighöfer, Walter Stapper, Butz Buse

FilmFernsehFonds Bayern