Genre: Crime Series
Year of Production: 2015/2016
Air Date: September 11th, 2016
Station: Bayerischer Rundfunk, Cornelia Ackers
Director: Christian Petzold

Screenplay: Christian Petzold
Director of Photography: Hans Fromm
Casting: Simone Bär
Editing: Bettina Böhler
Production Design: K.D. Gruber
Costume Design: Katharina Ost
Score/ music: Stefan Will

Detective Hans von Meuffels feels more than just professional respect for his former colleague Constanze Hermann. He wants to help her in her struggle with alcoholism, so he involves her in a new case as she is close to relapsing. A young girl is discovered dead, apparently attacked by a wild animal. The autopsy ascertains she was first paralyzed by poison and then killed by a wolf. The trail leads them to the German Turk Özhan, who had a relationship with the victim and owns a tame wolf. After Özhan escapes from the police, the dead wolf is found outside his home. Von Meuffels takes the animal cadaver to the lab of expert Dr. Wiesinger. As far as he is concerned, it was a case of domestic violence and is now closed. He can finally go on holiday with Constanze. They are both looking forward to finally spending some time together. As Constanze packs her things, she is ambushed by the real murderer…

Matthias Brandt, Barbara Auer, Sebastian Hülk, Jasna Fritzi Bauer, Michael Witte, Teresa Weißbach, Ercan Durmaz, Nicholas Reinke, Oliver Bürgin, Anna Unterberger, Rainer Egger and many more…