Genre: Black comedy
Year of Production: 2011
Station: Barbara Buhl und Caren Toennissen/WDR, Bettina Reitz/Degeto
Director: Stefan Krohmer

Screenplay: Daniel Nocke
Executive Producer: Susanne Ottersbach
Casting: Heta Mantscheff
Director of Photography: Benedict Neuenfels
Editing: Stephan Krumbiegel
Score/ music: Florian van Volxem, Sven Rossenbach
Production Design: Christine Caspari
Costume Design: Silke Sommer
Make-up Artist: Kerstin Baar
Sound recording: Steffen Graubaum

Jan is a very dedicated natural health professional. One day, he receives an unpleasant visitor in his office: it is Rudger, the violent ex companion of Jan's girlfriend Milene. Rudger wants Jan to leave Milene and her son Lenny, who is living together with Jan. Rudger is Lenny's father; he spent the last 10 years in prison but had no personal contact with his son. Now, after his discharge, he wants back what in his mind belongs to him: his wife and his kid.

Devid Striesow, Martin Feifel, Corinna Kirchhoff, Joanna Kitzl, Mateo Wansing Lorrio, Aljoscha Stadelmann, David Bredin, Jürg Löw, Emilio de Marchi, Ulli Kinalzik.

Bernd Burgemeister TV Award 2012, Filmfest Munich