Genre: Crime Series
Year of Production: 2015
Station: Bayerischer Rundfunk, Stephanie Heckner
Director: Andreas Senn

Screenplay: Beate Langmaack
Director of Photography: Holly Fink
Casting: An Dorthe Braker
Editing: Vera van Appeldorn
Score/ music: Fabian Römer
Production Design: Anke Osterloh
Costume Design: Gitti Fuchs
Make-up Artist: Mechthild Schmitt, Martine Flener
Sound recording: Harti Küffner

One early summer morning Steffi Schwinn finds her mother strangled in the public house of her parent's inn. A doctorand at the institute of anatomy of university in Würzburg detects a foreign skull in the bone collection. And in front of the police department in Nuremberg a woman missing her son, sets up a tent. Three cases which are concerning the longing for the opposite of loneliness, the right to worry and caring for each other. In the focus there is a nearly perfect crime... Voss, Ringelhahn and their team investigate between Nuremberg and Würzburg.

Dagmar Manzel, Fabian Hinrichs, Eli Wasserscheid, Andreas Leopold Schad, Mattthias Egersdörfer, Stefan Merki and many more…