Genre: Children's Film, Literary adaption
Year of Production: 2015/2016
Co-Producers: Deutsche Columbai Pictures Film Produktion GmbH
Distribution: Sony Pictures Releasing
Director: Tim Trachte

Screenplay: Ursula Gruber and Sigrun de Pascalis
Based on the novels by: Franziska Gehm
Director of Photography: Fabian Rösler
Production Design: Ellen Latz
Score/ music: Helmut Zerlett
Title Song: DIE ANDERN by Jonas Monarv

Family Tepes has grown: Daka and Silvania are now the proud sisters of Franz, their little half vampire baby brother. During the preparations for Franz' first birthday the family finds out that he is in terrible danger: Evil vampire queen Antanasia wants a little half vampire boy to grow up in her castle and is a big threat to little Franz. Because of Silvania's bad vampire puberty attacks Antanasia is able to kidnap the little brother. Daka follows them to Transylvania on a resuce mission for little Franz but quickly finds herself very much attracted to the free vampire life Antanasia shows her. Unaware of her sister’s doubts Silvania and Dirk van Kombast try to reach the castle in time to stop Antanasia’s evil plan.

Marta Martin, Laura Roge, Christiane Paul, Stipe Erceg, Michael Kessler, Jana Pallaske, Jeremias Meyer, Jonas Holdenrieder, Tim Oliver Schultz, Alexander Schubert, Richy Müller, Nina Vorbrodt, Diana Amft, Daniel Zillmann, David Zimmerschied, Christian Dlusztus