Genre: Psycothriller
Year of Production: 2010
Co-Producers: viaFilm
Station: ZDF Das Kleine Fernsehspiel, Jörg Schneider
Director: Tim Trachte

Screenplay: Tim Trachte
Casting: Daniela Tolkien
Director of Photography: Fabian Rösler
Editing: Ulrich Ringer
Score/ music: Lorenz Dangl
Production Design: Markus Dicklhuber
Costume Design: Antonello di Meo
Make-up Artist: Stella Gottwald

Everyday life of Jan, anaesthesiologist and father of a boy is shattered, when a young guy dies because of his fault. Contrary to his human values, he decides to keep this incident secret. Then suddenly, he and his family are put to the test by anonymous threats.

Andreas Lust (Jan), Sophie von Kessel (Karen), Nico Beyer (Felix), Alina Levshin (Milla), Thomas Loibl (Ralph), Konstantin Frolov (Vladimir), Mark Filatov (Mirko), Robert Bartl (Markus), Antonia Bergmann (Markus Frau), Inka Meyer (Marie), Andre (Guido Renner), Butz Buse (Waffenverkäufer), and many more…

Nomination Bernd Burgemeister TV Award 2011, Filmfest Munich
Best World Showcase 2012, Soho Filmfest

FFF Bayern