If you want to submit a script to us, please take the following information into consideration:

In general, we are open to script proposals. A summary or a short description is usually sufficient.

All script transmissions must be agreed verbally in advance with us. In addition to this, we accept scripts only in the form of printouts sent via post.

Please note that we usually shred any unsolicited scripts we receive without reading them.

Please refrain from making requests about the status of your submitted work. If we are interested, we will contact you; or you will receive a letter of rejection from us. A review period of three-to-six months is quite usual.

CP is not liable for any unsolicited scripts, manuscripts, pictures, data, or other materials that we receive. Therefore, please send no originals or documents you will need back.

The validation of the material is nonbinding. By sending us your material, you acknowledge and accept that CP gives no warranty for having any subject matter in development or in production that is similar and/or partly identical to the content you have submitted. In this case no legal claim can result against CP.