Genre: Science-fiction comedy
Year of Production: 1993/1994
Co-Producers: Centropolis Filmproduktion (Roland Emmerich)
Distribution: Senator Filmverleih, World sales: Overseas Filmgroup
Director: Klaus Knoesel, Holger Neuhäuser

Screenplay: Jürgen Egger, Robert G. Brown
Director of Photography: Wolfgang Aichholzer
Editing: Ueli Christen
Score/ music: 4. Stock
Production Design: Frank Bollinger, Harald Turzer
Costume Design: Heike Hütt
Make-up Artist: Nanni Gebhardt-Seele
Sound recording: Simon Happ

A castle somewhere in England. It is the eve of the Crusades, and all good English knights are preparing to march on Jerusalem. Out of the heavens, an alien spaceship descends. An entry hatch opens and a scouting party from another planet emerges, gathering information for a potential march on Earth. The medieval knights are technically underdeveloped, cosmologically misinformed and incredibly thick-skulled. The extra-terrestrials are highly intelligent, technically advanced and extremely knowledgeable. Who will come out on top? For the knights, there is only one possible reaction to invaders who do not treasure English hospitality: attack. Unimpressed by the aliens' high-tech weapons, the knights storm the spaceship, take a hostage and set off for the Holy Land to put the fear of God into the heathen. But then the hostage switches the automatic pilot to "return home" ...

John Rhys-Davies (Brother Parvus), Rick Overton (Sir Roger), Catherine Punch (Lady Catherine), Michael des Barres (Monsieur Louee), Jochen Nickel (Sarazene 2), Hans Schödel (Sarazene 3), Jochen Nickel (Trompeter), Debbie Lee Carrington (Branithar), Patrick Brymer (Red John),  Jophi Ries (Hofnarr)

Filmförderungsanstalt, FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, Filmstiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen