Genre: Drama
Year of Production: 2006
Co-Producers: Tobby Holzinger Produktion
Distribution: SPIRIT Filmverleih e.K., Aachen
Director: F. Böder, P. Bösenberg, G. Lucas, E. v. Moeller, A. Tavakoli

Screenplay: F. Böder, P. Bösenberg, G. Lucas, E. v. Moeller, A. Tavakoli
Casting: Tobby Holzinger
Director of Photography: Matthias Schellenberg
Editing: Andreas Menn
Score/ music: Andreas Wodraschke
Production Design: C. Krumwiede, I. Piel, P. Bossmann, J. Freyer, T. Schmid, R. Wilbert
Costume Design: Martina Jeddicke, Elena Wegner
Make-up Artist: Johannes Schmager
Sound recording: Michael Bartylak

"To fall asleep at night in the snow, drunk as a lord, and not to wake up in the morning... pretty painless!" A film about five women, in the same town, on the same day, in sitations we all know only too well. What happens if you ask some of the really important questions, if you don't hide but go even further and face the consequences?

Maja Beckmann, Julie Bräuning, Susanne Buchenberger, Lilia Lehner, Cathérine Seifert, Michael Abendroth, Veronika Bayer, Johann von Bülow, Arno Frisch, Carlo Ljubek, Susanne Lothar, Janin Reinhardt, Laurens Walter

Filmstiftung Nordrhein Westfalen, FFA